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Terms of Use & Cancellation Policy

Reservations policy

All reservations need to be booked through the website and the online reservations system, at least 24 hours before the desired date. Once you enter the system you will be asked to select a valid date, the area (restaurant or wine cellar) and the number of persons of your party. Please, keep in mind that you will be asked to make a deposit of €100.00 per reservation (not per person) , which is refundable (for early cancellations). Last minute cancellations or no-shows are not refundable. The deposit is deducted from the total of your dinner and the balance is settled at the end of your visit to Delta Restaurant. Your reservation is considered validated upon receipt of the confirmation e-mail. If you have proceeded with the payment of the deposit, but haven’t received a confirmation e-mail, please contact us through phone Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 19:00.

24 hours prior to your reservation, a member of our team will contact you to discuss any food allergies or dietary preferencies.

In terms of dress code, we encourage our guests to avoid slippers, shorts, sportswear and similar outfits and opt for smart, smart casual or formal attire.

Cancellation policy

We have implemented a 72 hour cancellation policy. Please, note that cancellations can be made through e-mail prior to 18:00, three days before the reservation.

Cancellation policy

Three days prior to the reservation (72 hours): no charges will be applied

Less than 72 hours prior to the reservation:

  • In case of table cancellation: €100,00 per person
  • In case of reduction of number of persons: no charges will be applied

Same day cancellation (either table reservation or number of guests reduction) or no-show: you will be charged €200 per person (according the number of people stated in the details of the reservation).

If you wish to reschedule your reservation for a future date, our team will take care of the change according to availability.

Terms of use

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The deltarestaurant.gr website for the fulfillment of the services provided by the DELTA restaurant and for the protection of each visitor, requests to be reported all allergies to raw materials and food, during the online reservation. This personal data is processed by deltarestaurant.gr only with consent, which is explicit, specific, free will, given with a positive act of the visitor and is freely revocable. The storage of above personal data shall not take more than forty-five (45) days from the date that visitor attends to the DELTA Restaurant, based on his/her online reservation.

Other than the above, the deltarestaurant.gr website does not collect the personal data of its visitors. The deltarestaurant.gr website does not collect the personal data of its visitors, for any reason. Subscription to the newsletter is optional and only requires an e-mail address submission. The subscribed user consents to the use of the data he registers to receive the e-mail newsletters. The deltarestaurant.gr website commits neither to use the collected through this process e-mail addresses of its visitors, for reasons other than the distribution of newsletters, nor to share them with third parties. The newsletters sent by the deltarestaurant.gr website may contain advertisements or banners. Each newsletter allows users to configure the registered data, as well as unsubscribe from the service and delete all data registered for this purpose.

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Gift cards terms of use

The purchase of a gift card, regardless of the category chosen, is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, based on availability.
The gift card cannot be redeemed on the 3rd and 4th week of January and the 2nd and 3rd week of August each year, period that the restaurant remains closed due to holidays, as well as in unforeseen circumstances (i.e., natural phenomena, unexpected events) that the restaurant will also need to close.
In these cases, there will be an extension of the gift card’s period of validity, in consultation with the reservation manager and based on availability.
Gift card cannot be redeemed for cash – No refunds allowed.
The gift cards are nominal but can be transferred to another person, upon request.
Only visitors over 18 years old can redeem any gift card.
Prices are subject to change without notice. Therefore, in cases of price changes on the set menu gift cards between purchase and redemption date, the visitor is required to pay the difference.
The degustation menu listed on the gift cards can be modified by the guest only in allergy cases, dietary preferences or food intolerance.
If the guest and recipient of the gift card wishes to enjoy an extra service, it will be done at their own expense.


Due to the limitations of the existing reservation system, which exclusively provides for their execution through the online platform, the recipient of the gift card is kindly requested to proceed with the online table booking by himself, depositing a payment of €100.00 (virtual deposit). Upon gift card’s redemption on the designated date, he/she/it will be fully refunded in the same credit/debit card used to make the deposit.