the wealth of grecian land is a blessing at Delta Restaurant, two Stars Michelin, one Green Star

the farm

The challenge is not only to create masterpieces with extraordinary raw materials,
but to transform modesty into grandeur.

Sustainability and respect towards our ecosystem is part of our philosophy and a new suggestion for better understanding our relationship with the land, the animals and the sea.

We serve fine dining focusing on gastronomic ethics, cutting a dash in the most substantial way.

Zero loss, zero waste. Every material participates in a cycle that starts with appetizers and continues through to the main dishes and desserts.

we believe in zero waste and sustainability, that's what earned Delta Restauran a Green Star
fresh vegetables grown in our farm find their way to Delta Restaurant, two Stars Michelin, one Green Star

At Delta Restaurant, our Michelin-starred restaurant, our commitment to the environment and sustainability is sincere and real. Our practices, farm-to-table and zero-waste approach, led to the acquisition of the Green Star for Sustainability (MICHELIN Guide Athens 2022), giving us even more strength to continue serving sustainability and sustainability in gastronomy.