view of our wine cellars at Delta Restaurant, two Stars Michelin, one Green Star, SNFCC, Athens, Greece
Tilemahos Papandreas, head sommelier Delta Restaurant, 2 Michelin Stars & 1 Green Star

the wine

An extraordinary journey to international varieties, with hundreds of labels covering the entire wine universe spectrum – old and new – and of wine making all around the world.

An exciting exploration of the Greek vineyard, a comprehensive contact with the original indigenous varieties.

Tilemahos Papandreas, an award-winning and top of his class sommelier, have curated an integrated wine list that will elevate the gastronomic pairing to the highest point of delight.

Iconic wineries, legendary terroirs, rare varieties, exclusive imports, ageing cellars and 2 wine cellars for a private mystical experience complete the experience that Delta, the Michelin Stars awarded restaurant has to offer.

Greek and international labels of small and large wineries compose the diverse and full of surprises wine list of Delta. Guests can choose on their own or let our experienced sommeliers guide them through the magic of the greek and international vineyard.

The main focal point, the sculpted design bar of Delta, is considered among the largest in the world. It solidifies the sense of intimacy and euphoria and can seat up to 12 guests, while the bar lounge area, with the comfortable sofas can seat up to 50 guests.

With approximately 650 different greek and international wine labels, Delta’s bar with its minimalistic ambiance creates the perfect urban spot for those who love to enjoy great wines.

Dimitris Zannikos & Tilemahos Papandreas, sommelier and head sommelier Delta Restaurant, 2 Michelin Stars & 1 Green Star
our sculpted bar, serving unique wines and avant-garde cocktails at Delta Restaurant, two Stars Michelin, one Star Michelin, SNFCC, Athens, Greece