Our Chefs

George Papazacharias

Delta Restaurant

In his own words:

“Seeking always to create history and never repeat history by creating some of the best menus served around the globe, on some of the best restaurants in the world.”

George Papazacharias is the charismatic mastermind of Delta’s menu. His love for unique “gastronomic storytelling” led him to create a 12-stage journey full of unexpected twists, utilizing fermentation and Scandinavian preservation technics. The result is a game changer of our perception of taste.

George has created his own legacy in Scandinavia, as head R&D of the “Maaemo” Restaurant (3 Stars MICHELIN). In addition, he was the menu creator of “Under” in Norway, the only underwater restaurant in the world (1 Star MICHELIN). He gained his experience in experimental cuisine working at “L’Air du Temps” (2 Stars MICHELIN) and the gastronomic labs of “Alinea” in Chicago, “Fat Duck” in London & “Quique Dacosta” near Valencia, all of them awarded with 3 Stars MICHELIN.

Thanos Feskos

Delta Restaurant

His motto:

"Knowledge is meant to be shared."

The talented head chef Thanos Feskos, is no stranger to the experimental cuisine. Along with his team, he is in charge of the 12-stage menu, presented to Delta’s guests, who wish to indulge in a newly-found – for the Greek culinary scene – pioneering techniques of fermentation and scandinavian preservation.

Thanos studied financial economics and nothing showed he would thrive in the kitchens till his military service where he realized he enjoyed the feedback of his fellows about his food. Discovering his passions was the moment he decided to perfect the art of cooking. The culinary studies and some jobs in local restaurants ended with an internship at a restaurant that was aiming to win a MICHELIN Star. He then thought he should work at a restaurant already awarded with MICHELIN stars and after sending multiple applications he got his first job in Geranium where he stayed for three years working in different parts of the kitchen including the patisserie. After a short stint in Athens where he worked at Hytra restaurant he couldn’t resist the offer of Rasmus Kofoed to return to Geranium as the Assistant Head Chef.