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Delta is the uppercase 4th letter of the Greek alphabet.
A triangle with three sides in perfect harmony.
Just like Delta restaurant.

A project shaped by three principles:

The Restaurant

A mysterious Haute Cuisine narrative that gradually unfolds through an Omnivore menu, full of gastronomic twists.

A unique experience that leads guests to a gastronomic trail, full of surprises and emotions.


The Wine Cellar

An extraordinary journey to international varieties, with hundreds of labels covering the entire wine universe spectrum – old and new – and of wine making all around the world.

An exciting exploration of the Greek vineyard, a comprehensive contact with the original indigenous varieties.


The Bar

The art of high mixology, in the way that Aris Chatziantoniou, internationaly acclaimed & absolute spokesperson of molecular practices in bartending, has envisioned it, finds its sharp pick at Delta.

Bold distillate combinations and innovative techniques leave an “aftertaste” with an intense sensorial fingerprint.


The Farm

Sustainability and respect towards our ecosystem is part of our philosophy and a new suggestion for better understanding our relationship with the land, the animals and the sea.

We serve fine dining focusing on gastronomic ethics, cutting a dash in the most substantial way.