The Restaurant

The menu consists of 12 courses, created by the charismatic George Papazacharias and curated by the talented Thanos Feskos and his team.

12 stages, each one enjoyed as a creative, philosophical and gastronomic experience. Intensely and boldly.

Minimalistic perfection, utilization of local raw materials, focus on small-scale producers. These three pillars are the main ingredients of the menu.

Combined with international, pioneering techniques, such as fermentation and Scandinavian preservation, the result is a game changer of our perception of taste.

12 stages Menus

Omnivore Menu 170€

In case you are a vegetarian or vegan, please let us know when we will contact you for your reservation. Our chefs respect your dietary choices and the menu will be amended accordingly.

The meal can be combined with
* juice pairing at the price of €50.00 or
* wine pairing at the price of €100.00 (6 labels and spirits) & coffee or
* fine wine pairing at the price of €180.00 (6 labels and spirits) & coffee

We will hold your reservation maximum for 30 minutes. In case of delay please notified us (through e-mail or phone call). If you delay more than 30 minutes, we reserve the right to mark your reservation as a non-refundable, no-show or last-minute cancellation.
We have set 30 minutes interval between slots to ensure that our staff will provide you it the best dining experience, in terms of presentation of your menu.
Reservations can be made until 12:00 of the desired date.

*All prices above include mineral water during dining and are subject to change at any possible time.