The Restaurant

Each menu consists of 17 courses, created by the charismatic George Papazacharias and curated by the talented Thanos Feskos and his team.

17 stages, each one enjoyed as a creative, philosophical and gastronomic experience. Intensely and boldly.

Minimalistic perfection, utilization of local raw materials, focus on small-scale producers. These three pillars are the main ingredients of the menu.

Combined with international, pioneering techniques, such as fermentation and Scandinavian preservation, the result is a game changer of our perception of taste.

Omnivore Menu 135€

Vegetarian Menu 115€

Vegan Menu 100€

*All prices above include mineral water as well as coffee at the end of the meal.
Each menu consists of 17 dishes: 6 appetizers, 5 main courses, 3 desserts, 3 mignardises.
The meal can be combined with juice pairing at the price of €20.00 or wine pairing (6 labels and spirits) at the price of €70.00.