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He is fully recognizable and beloved by both gastronomy experts and the average public, while he is recognized and rewarded for his skills, ideas and knowledge. While he can handle any menu from any national cuisine, he is rightly considered as an expert of Mediterranean cuisine, but above all as one of the main refreshers of contemporary greek cuisine. With his original communication talent he can share his knowledge and secrets to the large group of his kitchen made up of talented chefs of all kinds. With him, everyone is getting better and more motivated to unleash their creativity.



Concerned and creative, he respects the tradition but never stops experimenting, bringing out local raw materials that were forgotten or lost, recipes that express the philosophy of an area and a delicious palette that makes everyone feel at home.

In his hands a humble Pupkin cheese pie takes off, traditional dishes such as Greek Moussaka reaching fullness and innovations such as Eggplants in the oven with lentils are a pleasant surprise. But it’s not just them. Dimitris Skarmoutsos can serve any concept from classic French gastronomy to the most up-to-date street food, but always with his own rules that made him so popular: high quality raw materials, tasty fullness, high creativity, visual and creative footprint that resemble a work of art.

It goes without saying that his decisive role in DELTA RESTAURANT guarantees the success of the final outcome of every project he is working on, not only as a talented chef, but also as a favorite public person with fanatical fans across all age categories.