Just another Prunus

Blend of Greek and French gin, cooked with fermented plums, flavored with honeysuckle, mixed with Swiss meringue, topped up with wild cherry soda. Sweet and sour with tart notes, sweet aromas and semi-sparkling texture. ABV 9.5

Vanity Venus

Gin lightly flavored with fresh thyme, enriched with different vermouth and enhanced with bitter liqueur, cooked with the secret dish that, according to mythology, gave beauty to the goddess Aphrodite… the beetroot. Bitter, intricately aromatic with a sense of umami. ABV 16.1

Golden Hind

Fermented cherry juice and mild acidity of fresh lime, combined with spicy notes of Spanish wine that ages for at least 90 days at 55C in oak barrels, blending harmoniously with aromas of pear, sweet spices and smoked citrus fruits from aged Cuban rum. Dry, with a bouquet of sweet aromas and mild texture. 16.9 ABV

Jean Baptiste

Artisanal Scottish Gin, enhanced with aromas of fermented strawberry juice and fresh lime, filtered through a light foam, with flavors of hibiscus tea and lychee. Sweet and sour, aromas of flowers & spices, with a gentle sour-tart texture. ABV 16.4

Amalia Hernandez

Mexican cocktail twist with Tequila 100% blue agave, cooked with bitter orange leaves and lemongrass, combined with honey that has been fermented with mushrooms. Acidities from fresh lime complete the favorite twisted cocktail version, of the “Ballet Folklorico” de Mexico creator. Sour, with salty and bitter tones, earthy and spicy aromas.


Floral gin flavored with white chocolate, combined with a mildly bitter and intensely herbal amaro, followed by the aromas of fresh espresso, cardamom and cinnamon. Bittersweet, with a full body and herbal aromas. ABV 15.3

Seventh Heaven 

Fresh bergamot, with Chios tangerine liqueur, mixed with fermented honey, enhanced with aged grape and sweet Muscat wine distillate, flavored with nutmeg. Sweet with acid tones, velvet body, slightly spicy. ABV 9.5


Liqueur from 100% mastic distillate, cooked with pickled fig, fortified with floral gin, combined with fig consommé and fresh lemon, filtered through fermented milk to obtain a transparent appearance and full bodied texture. Sweet and sour with savory and tartar tones, soft aromas of mastic and fig. ABV 15.8

Follow the Sun

Milk from lightly roasted sunflower seeds, flavored with evening primrose oils, combined with elderflower liqueur and aged spiced rum from Barbados. Sweet and sour, floral with full body and strong aromas of barrel and rum. ABV 18.9

Old flamed Crops

Aged distillates, fine cognac and black walnut bitters “flame rolled” and served at the appropriate warm temperature with kefir water and soft macadamia syrup and sweet spices. Hot, sweet cocktail, with a mild feeling of alcohol. ABV 18.7


This tropical pale ale beer from Baba Au Rum is fermented in small batches with a lot of love under the Greek sun. Light aromas of flowers and tropical fruits.  

Non Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

Clear Sky

An open minded “gin n’ tonic”, with 0% alcohol & sugar. Natural botanical spirits, light spices, a note of citrus and a heavenly orange flower blossom aroma.

Curious Fizz

Mastic soda, flavored with fermented cherry juice, fresh bergamot and soft tones from raspberry bitters.