Pearl Fishers

A long aperitive drink, light in alcohol but heavy in flavor. The bitter-sweet flair of amaro, exotic spices and a surprise tonic of cherry blossom net together a sip, crisp as a pearl.

Signore Garibaldi

This genuine aperitive drink created with bitter liqueurs, orange, pineapple and some of our most “known” herbal secrets from our farm, the ones that make this land of Attica unique in flavors and aromas.


Probably the most popular classic cocktail today worldwide, negroni, is a perfect companion to a fine dinner. Extra complexity comes with the addition of cooked shitake mushroom adding earthy notes.
Honey, botanicals, vermouth, cherry and bitter orange zest perfects simplicity aesthetics

Les Fleurs Du Mal

Throwing caution to the wind, matching herbal, mango and pine spirits, a twist of celery, lemon and tonic. We create a surrealistic long drink – you can call it an irregular complex gin n’ tonic.

Jungle Julep

An exotic zallotti blossom with mint and basil aromas from Africa paired with potions of Greek premium aged tsipouro combining notes of sultana, honey and woody light spices. We add a touch of French rhum delicacy, some red fruits and here’s a julep style drink that roots at the early 19th century up to modern life.

Bloody Δ

Fresh tomato and celery juice cooked with thyme, lemon, basil, blended withO/purist Greek tsipouro, a modern collaboration of 10 top Greek bartenders, with notes of pear and white grapes,few dashes of Santorini vinsanto wine, the best smoked salt of the world and a sprinkle of spice, making it a savoury bloody cocktail.

President Δ

One of the most matured, smooth yet sufficiently complex and selected by the rum maestros, Cuban rum, with woody, smoky and fruity notes, mixed with amaro and Italian vermouth. Earthy notes, cardamom, fruity and light spices, with our own homemade pomegranate and strawberry grenadine. Sweet, dry & boozy. Life is uncertain. Have a cocktail first. Α president’s one.

Gnossiene No 1.

This is a task to re-examine, redefine & finally re-taste and enjoy a classic cocktail recipe introducing to them fine Greek elements. Imagine a margaritacocktail with a homemade mastiha based orange liqueur, Greek Vidiano white wine mixed with herbal fruity sips and a fresh 100% blue agave fine white tequila. Balanced, umami, weird.

De Stijl Silver Fizz

Super cool and creative mixed with Peruvian grape Pisco, red vermouth, blackberries, an abstract cherry idea, fresh lime and this unbeatable pineapple soda on the top.

Bohemian Like Youz

A boho-radical journey into tropical vanilla oak barrel rums, with sweet mahleb and lemon verbena. Almonds and the pure sparkling of our own produced tropical fruit pale ale makes this cocktail cheeky and crisp.

Mai Tai

The iconic tiki cocktail made here with the original 1930’s recipe of Trader’s Vic. Great aged Jamaican rum, rich sweet orgeat, fresh lime juice and premium dry orange curacao liqueur. Try it here as you never had it before. Fits fine with Δ temperament.

Devil’s Milk

Scandalous potion of Jamaican coconut rum with chilipepper, lime, falernum, a homemade mystic spicy, oat liqueur – and a choconutmeg finish. Luscious and lustful- there truly is no rest for the wicked.


This tropical pale ale beer from Baba Au Rum is fermented in small batches with a lot of love under the Greek sun. Light aromas of flowers and tropical fruits.  

Non Alcoholic Mixed Drinks

Tiki Seltzer

Homemade tropical seltzer with notes of passion fruit, citrus, cherry, spices, and the original crisp carbonation of the notorious Perrier

Bot & Ton

An open minded “ gin n’ tonic”, with 0% alcohol & sugar. Natural botanical spirits, light spices, a note of citrus and a heavenly orange flower blossom aroma.