Ala carte walk-in menu*

  • Housemade cold cuts, served with our own bread and a creamy cheese from Ios flavored with chamomile 15€
  • Free range chicken kissed by the fire and caramelized yeast, served with a sauce of summer truffles and seasonal offerings 18€
  • Bowl of salted berries and vegetables, with celeiac slowly cooked over the ember and a sauce of the season’s harvest 19€
  • Iberico on the grill served with crispy potatoes and an acidic cream flavored with tangerine 24€
  • Calamari served with ethereal bergamont cream, lemon confit and seasonal flowers 17€
  • Buckwheat ice cream, strawberries, white chocolate and aged blueberries 10€


* Please, let us inform you that ala carte walk-in menu is available until 23:30. After 23:30 and until 01:30 you are more than welcome to enjoy our cocktails and spirits.